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 August 22, 2005 - 10:00 AM Office of Ken Boshcoff MP


126 Centennial Square Thunder Bay Ontario

Mr. Ken Boshcoff, as a Trustee of The Keri Chase Foundation is pleased to award $6,000.00 to three local animal welfare charities (The Thunder Bay & District Humane Society - $3,500.00, North Superior People Animal Welfare and Safety Inc. (PAWS) - $1,500.00 and the Thunder Bay Therapeutic Riding Association- $1,000.00) for use in their support programs to assist animals and relieve animal suffering.  The funds were mainly raised over the past year through a mail out appeal campaign, a fund raising social and the sale of framed prints, writing cards and our annual Superior Pets Calendar.

The Thunder Bay & District Humane Society and PAWS have maintained spay and neutering programs to reduce the number of unwanted pets and ultimately the pain and suffering those pets will meet.  These organizations spay and neuter as many animals as possible but unfortunately due to the lack of funds, cannot get them all done.  This contribution will enable them to expand their program and provide the new pet owners a small rebate once their animal has been spayed or neutered.  The Thunder Bay Therapeutic Riding Association maintains a herd of horses and provides therapeutic riding opportunities to physically and mentally challenged children and adults.  Our contribution is to assist in the care of the horses.

The Foundation is a registered Charitable Foundation and was formed on February 21, 2002 in memory of Keri Coleen Chase, who died in a tragic auto accident on November 24, 2001.  Keri was born in Thunder Bay and through her short life of 42 years was forever salvaging injured and stray animals and birds of every description and either finding them homes, or returning them to the wild from which they came.  At the age of 14, she had her first colt to save and since then, it has been a steady stream of animals that needed her, and her undemanding love.  Her love of animals has been an inspiration to everyone that knew her.

Since its inception, with this donation, the Foundation has donated over $18,000 to local animal support organizations and has a reserve of approximately $60,000 towards a future major project to relieve animal suffering.