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The Keri Chase Foundation (KCF) and The Thunder Bay Community Foundation (TBCF)

October 28, 2013

The Foundation has entered into an agreement with the TBCF to manage its funds and to administer all future granting to local animal welfare organizations.

In recent years volunteer time has been decreasing and the Trustees looked at alternatives for the future.  The Thunder Bay Community Foundation was our best choice of our alternatives for the following reasons. 

1.   A separate named fund is created in the TBCF called the Keri Chase Memorial Animal Welfare Fund

2.   The KCF funds have been invested and managed with the TBCF by professional investment advisors providing higher rates of return than our present investments earn

3.   The funds are invested under strict investment policies monitored by the Board of Trustees of the TBCF

4.   The TBCF's granting process involves prescribed applications, review and follow up procedures strictly reviewed by the TBCF’s Grants Committee and approved by their Board of Trustees

5.   The general public will be able to make a charitable donation to the TBCF to be added to the Keri Chase Memorial Animal Welfare Fund

6.   Animal welfare funding will remain in Thunder Bay in perpetuity with this fund

7.   The above 6 benefits removes the responsibility from the Board of Trustees of the KCF

8.   With these funds being administered by the TBCF, it provides them the opportunity of serving Thunder Bay in the animal welfare sector, which it has not been able to do in the past

From left to right, the representative Trustees are:

Maddy Chase (KCF), Lesley Bell (TBCF), Tere McDonald (TBCF), Ken Chase (KCF), Kim Chase (KCF), Shelley Sauvé (KCF), Ken Boshcoff (KCF), Guy Cannon (back KCF), Diane Chase (KCF), Shannon Gothard Ramirez (TBCF), Art Warwick (TBCF)

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Press Articles

On October 28, 2013, The Keri Chase Foundation contributed $175,000 to the Thunder Bay Community Foundation to set up and support the Keri Chase Memorial Animal Welfare Fund.  This amount along with the $20,000 that the KCF previously contributed and the matching of $50,000 from the TBCF will provide a fund of $245,000, the income from which will benefit animal welfare in Thunder Bay for many years to come.

The grants to local animal charities will commence in the fall of 2014 and applications can be downloaded from the Thunder Bay Community Foundation's website.  The qualifications to receive a grant are as follows:

Funds will be provided to registered charities in her memory that clearly state the organization’s positive contribution to its community and are in concert with the Fund’s intent.  Funds will be provided to those organizations that:


Carry out activities to assist lost and injured wild and domestic animals and birds.


Actively return the injured animals and birds back to the wild or find loving families to adopt them.


Have specific projects, such as and not limited to spay & neutering, shelters, medical, food and general care of animals.  Funds will not be provided for general operations and administration purposes.


Meet current community needs.


Are organized and well written.


Show innovation and resourcefulness.


Are for a specific amount to cover the shortfall of the project.

The Trustees of the KCF expresses our sincere gratitude to all those that contributed to the success of our Foundation, especially Dougall Media for the contribution of advertising, to Wal-Mart for their support in selling calendars as well as all of our donators, the advertisers and sellers of our calendars, the retailers that hosted collection boxes and all that contributed in some way to our success.  Thank You.

On May 26, 2015, after the Thunder Bay Community Foundation's annual general meeting, The Keri Chase Foundation presented the remainder of its funds in the amount of $15,000.00, bringing the total vested funds to $260,000.00.