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Foundation Awards $8,000.00 in Donations to Seven Local Animal Welfare Organizations


On April 11, 2008 at 12 noon at offices of Ken Boshcoff, Centennial Square, Mr. Carl Chase, President and Trustee of The Keri Chase Foundation is pleased to award $8,000.00 to:


Three local registered animal welfare charities:


The Thunder Bay & District Humane Society - $4,500.00


North Superior People Animal Welfare  and Safety Inc. (PAWS) - $2,000.00


The Thunder Bay Therapeutic Riding Association - $1,500.00


The Thunder Bay & District Humane Society and PAWS have maintained spay and neutering programs to reduce the number of unwanted pets and ultimately the pain and suffering those pets will meet.  These organizations spay and neuter as many animals as possible but unfortunately due to the lack of funds, cannot get them all done.  This contribution will enable them to expand their program and provide the new pet owners a small rebate once their animal has been spayed or neutered.


The Thunder Bay Therapeutic Riding Association maintains a herd of horses and provides therapeutic riding opportunities to physically and mentally challenged children and adults.  Our contribution is to assist in the care of the horses.


Since its inception, with this donation, the Foundation has donated over $29,000 to local animal support organizations and has a reserve of approximately $100,000 towards a future projects to relieve animal suffering.  The Foundationís goals since inception was to donate annually or bi-annually about 1/3 of its fund raising and retain 2/3 of the fundraising to create a long term investment, the income from which will be used to support animal welfare organizations and to keep the memory of Keri Chase alive.


Pictures of the Days Events


Left to right: Irene Likun (Thunder Bay Therapeutic Riding Association), Teri Provost (Thunder Bay & District Humane Society), Donna & Kyle Vantaa (PAWS), Ken Boshcoff (Foundation Trustee), Carl Chase (Foundation President) and of course, Duke in front


Left to right: Ken Boshcoff, Kyle Vantaa, Carl Chase


Left to right: Ken Boshcoff, Irene Likun, Carl Chase


Left to right: Ken Boshcoff, Teri Provost, Carl Chase